Building the truest form of DeFi with privacy by default.


The CIA Token proves membership of the CIACollective. Through on-chain ownership our members serve each other with exclusive benefits like CIA-only-access to some parts of our protocols. Proving membership on-chain also grants voting and proposal rights to direct the way we operate as one.

Occupy DeFi.

CIAProtocol is a collective of people with a common agenda to advance DeFi on Ethereum to its optimal existence by providing opt-in privacy to all.

Build. Contribute. Strengthen.

As a collective of decentralization maximalists, we pledge to deliver on our right-to-privacy agenda by innovating new dapps, contributing to privacy centric open source protocols & strengthening not only Ethereum and DeFi – but the entire decentralized landscape.

Conspiracy is a privacy-centric Automated Market Maker (AMM) and our first project as the CIACollective. It uses ZK-SNARKs, a well-researched and documented zero knowledge proofing system, to obscure the link between a trader and a decentralized liquidity pool on-chain.

Status: in-flight


The CIACollective is one, and many. We care not for money, not for recognition; but for true deliverance of what decentralization is meant to represent. Without opt-in privacy on our most renowned p2p networks, the centralized autocracy may as well continue to dictate our financial ledgers for us. Whether technical or not, we build, contribute and operate as one from the shadows.